"Success favors the prepared mind."
  [Louis Pasteur]


Holland Computer Solutions provides technology services for personal to mid sized business users, while specializing in small to mid sized businesses. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Computer Repairs
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Installation
  • Computer Consulting
  • Phone & Tablet Repairs
  • Web Design & Marketing
  • & More

Holland Computer Solutions has been serving The Chattahoochee Valley since 2003. Since that time, we've worked with individuals and organizations in numerous different industries, such as: accounting & taxes, auto repair, banking & finance, churches, collections, communications, copy machines, day cares, fencing, funeral homes, graphics & printing, insurance, investing, landscaping, law enforcement, local government, martial arts, medical, ministries, moving & storage, non profits, pharmacies, political campaigns, publishing, real estate, restaraunt equipment repair, restaraunts, retail sales, shipping, steel fabrication, steel foundry, tractor trailer fabrication, and more.