"Success favors the prepared mind."
  [Louis Pasteur]

Welcome to Holland Computer Solutions

     In business since 2003, Holland Computer Solutions is the premier computer solutions provider in The Chattahoochee Valley.  Holland Computer Solutions is Certified, Experienced and Locally Owned, and always strives to exceed client's expectations.  Let Holland Computer Solutions be your one stop shop for all your computer technology needs.

  • Computer Repair
  • Computer Networking
  • File Servers
  • Phone & Tablet Repair
  • Web Design & Marketing
  • & More

     Holland Computer Solutions was founded in 2003, originally as "SHEPPARD."  Our name was originally taken from Psalm 23 and meant to illustrate our Christian founding and our desired relationship with our clients.  In 2011 due to BRAC, Base Realignment and Closing, our name was modified to "Sheppard Computer Solutions" to be more descriptive of our business function in an effort to prepare for a local population increase and hopefully a resulting business increase. In 2012, the owner, Micah Holland ran for local public office. In an effort to capitalize on any residual marketing after the fact, our name was changed to "Holland Computer Solutions" to match that of the owner in 2013.